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Tailored House Nic Salts 24mg
  • Tailored House Nic Salts 24mg

    Flavors and Descriptions

    Honey Crunch: Vanilla ice cream, honey and graham crackers.

    Snackerdoodle: Vanilla ice cream stuffed between two snickerdoodle cookies.

    Strawberry Crunch: Sugar cookies topped with rich strawberry ice cream.

    Raspberry Tea: A raspberry tea that is packed full of flavor.

    Strawberry Tea: A strawberry tea to set the bar by.

    Peach Tea: A delicious sweet ripe tea.

    Cookie Dreams: A deep creamy sugar cookie.

    Strawberry Lemonade: Ripe strawberries mixed into a sweet lemonade.

    Pink Palmer: Half pink lemonade and half sweet tea come together to make this epic flavor.

    Just Tobacco: Savory Tobacco.

    Vanilla Tobacco: A deep tobacco with a perfect vanilla compliment.

    Caramel Tobacco: A caramel infused tobacco.



      • Honey Crunch
      • Snackerdoodle
      • Strawberry Cr
      • Raspberry Tea
      • Strawberry Tea
      • Peach Tea
      • Just Tobacco
      • Vanilla Tobacco
      • Caramel Tobacco
      • Cookie Dreams
      • Straw Lemonade
      • Pink Palmer
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