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SVRF 60ml
  • SVRF 60ml

    Flavors and Descriptions

    Balanced: An unbelievable coconut cream.

    Refreshing: A blend of mangos, papayas and cantaloupes that never stops being amazing.

    Revive: A brilliant concoction of mixed berries and limes.

    Satisfying: A raspberry, dragon fruit iced tea that is truly satisfying.

    Stimulating: A concoction of berries topped with lychee fruits.

    Tempting: A fresh hot churro filled with ripe blueberries.


      Available Flavors

      • Balanced
      • Refreshing
      • Revive
      • Satisfying
      • Stimulating

      Available Nicotine Strengths

      • 0 mg
      • 3 mg
      • 6 mg
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