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Naked 60ml
  • Naked 60ml

    Flavors and Descriptions

    Amazing Mango: Mangos, peaches and cream combined into a perfect summer vape.

    Green Blast: Kiwis, honey dews and green apples all in one.Lava Flow: Strawberries and pineapples topped with coconuts.

    Hawaiian Pog: Passion fruits, oranges and ripe guavas mixed together to create a magical flavor.

    All Melon: Your go to melon flavor. Watermelons, cantaloupes and honeydews.

    Brain Freeze: A perfect way to beat the summer heat. Strawberries, kiwis and pomegranates topped with cool menthol.

    Polar Breeze: Cantaloupes, ripe honey dews and pineapples topped with a menthol twist.

    Very Cool: The perfect mix of berries and menthol. Raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.

    Very Berry: A unique combination of blueberries, blackberries with a lemon sugar glaze.

    Cuban: A medium bodied Caribbean tobacco blend.

    Euro: A smooth light tobacco.

    American Cowboy: A full bodied rich tobacco.

    Straw Lime: Sweet strips of sugary strawberry flavor.

    Green Lemon: A sweet and sour candy that will not stop.

    Yummy Gummy: Strawberries and bubble gum.

    Azul Berry: A creamy combination of ripe blueberries, raspberries and cream.

    Cream Go Nanas: A combination of sweet bananas and cream.

    Unicorn: A great twist on the classic strawberry and cream.

    Maui Sun: Pineapples, oranges and tangerines.

    Berry Lush: Strawberries, pineapples and cream come together to create an amazing blend of flavors.

    Amazing Mango Ice: Mangos, peaches mixed into cream topped with a delightful menthol touch.

    Hawaiian Pog Ice: Passion fruits, oranges and ripe guavas with a perfect menthol twist.

    Lava Flow Ice: Strawberries, pineapples and coconuts blended into a cool menthol.


      Available Flavors

      • Amazing Mango
      • Green Blast
      • Lava Flow
      • Hawaiian Pog
      • All Melon
      • Polar Breeze FB
      • Very Berry
      • Cuban
      • Euro
      • American Cowboy
      • Berry Belts
      • Green Lemon SS
      • Yummy Gummy
      • Azul Berry
      • Cream Go Names
      • Unicorn
      • Maui Sun
      • Berry Lush
      • Unicorn
      • A. Mango Ice
      • H. Pog Ice
      • Lava Flow Ice

      Available Nicotine Strengths

      • 0 mg
      • 3 mg
      • 6 mg
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