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iVape Signature Liquid 30ml
  • iVape Signature Liquid 30ml

    Flavors and Descriptions

    Apple Chair Bear: Apples, cherries, raspberries and strawberries mixed to perfection.

    Avalanche: A perfectly balanced wintergreen.

    Balls of Fury: Hot cinnamon mixed into mangos and melons.

    Big Red: A hot cinnamon vape that keeps it's flavor all day.

    Blue Dew: A blueberry citrus soda.

    Blue Grazzle: Blueberries mixed with white grapes.

    Blue Pom Ade: Blueberries, pomegranates and lemonade all in one.

    Cactus Cooler: A creamy orange pineapple.

    Cookie Dreams: A cookie dough flavor that you do not want to put down.

    Dragon Fruit: An amazingly ripe dragon fruit.

    Divinus Custard: A vanilla custard that sets the bar for all vanilla custards.

    Frosty Wild Watermelon: A watermelon candy with a cool menthol touch.

    Georgia: Guavas and peaches mixed to perfection.

    Grape Jolly: A grape hard candy.

    Grapple: Grapes and apples make this amazing flavor hard to put down.

    Green Dew: A delightful citrus soda.

    Hawaiian Delight: A pineapple pina colada.

    Hobo Honey: A rich and savory tobacco mixed with honey for a sweet finish.

    Isaac Newton: Green apples mixed with watermelons.

    Jungle Blood: Strawberries, watermelons and coconuts come together to make this amazing tigers blood flavor.

    Lemon Delight: A delightful lemon yogurt.

    Papa Smurf: An amazing crunchy cereal.

    Peachy Ring: A spot on peach candy.

    Pineapple Express: A creamy pineapple.

    Pink Star: A pink chewy candy that is everyone's favorite.

    Strawberry Express: Strawberries and cream blended to perfection.

    Strawnana: A strawberry and banana combination.

    Sugar Puff: Cotton candy has never been better.

    Tropic Wonder: Pineapples and sliced bananas mixed into yogurt.

    Wild Watermelon: A watermelon candy.


      Available Flavors

      • Apple Chair Bear
      • Avalanche
      • Balls of Furry
      • Big Red
      • Big Dew
      • Blue Grazzle
      • Blue Pom Aid
      • Cactus Cooler
      • Cookie Dreams
      • Dragon Fruit
      • Divinus Custard
      • Frosty Wild Watermelon
      • Georgia
      • Grape Jolly
      • Grapple
      • Green Dew
      • Hawaiian Delight
      • Hobo Honey
      • Isaac Newton
      • Jungle Blood
      • Lemon Delight
      • Papa Smurf
      • Peachy Ring
      • Pineapple Express
      • Pink Star
      • Strawberry Express
      • Strawnana
      • Sugar Puff
      • Tropic Wonder
      • Wild Watermelon

      Available Nicotine Strengths

      • 0 mg
      • 3 mg
      • 6 mg
      • 12 mg

      Available Sizes

      • 30 ml
      • 60 ml
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