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Coastal Clouds Nic Salts

Coastal Clouds Nic Salts

Flavors and Descriptions

Apple Peach Strawberry: A classic blend of Apples Peaches and Strawberries that is truly refreshing.

Apple: A simple yet effective flavor. Coastal Clouds Apple is ripe and divine.

Mango: A flavor that needs to introductions. This Mango flavor will make you rethink the fruit itself.

Sugared Nectarine: Nectarines dipped in sugar perfectly crafted to keep you going all day.

Mint: A simple mint flavor that satisfies all your minty cravings.

Tobacco: A bold yet satisfying tobacco flavor.



    • Lava Luau
    • Honeycomb Berry
    • Fruit Finale
    • Pink Melon
    • Sugar Tantrum
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